My Father


 My Father expressed his commitment to peace in numerous interviews with the media from all parts of the world. Here, in his own words, is a small sampling of what he said.

“I witnessed three wars and two Intifadas and now I'm thinking of my children's future. I don't want them to see war, and the only way to prevent that is to overcome the mountain of suspicion. We are destined to live together with the Israelis. We have to change our mentality. If we let our wounded memory guide our future steps we will have only pain.”
--The Guardian, 3 October, 2005

“We are destined to live together in this land. We have to share it. Let us share it.”
--The Philadelphia Inquirer, 15 August, 2005

“Because I do not feel any sense of hatred towards the other side, and have already forgiven every thing and because of my deep belief in peace, I have managed to stay in my house and remain sane. ... It is the politicians that block the mutual understanding between our two people I hope for the day when this mountain of ice that is our disagreement will melt.”
 “[My house] is like a metaphor for our people. The Palestinians gave up more than two thirds of Palestine and now, like my house, it is the playground of our cousins, the Israelis. The Israelis have to go back to where they were before 1967, let the Palestinians establish our own independent state with East Jerusalem as the capital. Understand that if you crush your enemy, this is not peace as everyone must be happy.”
“Please, Please, convey the following to my neighbors the Israelis. Please, enough hatred. Enough war. Let us look optimistically to the future and give our children the chance to live in peace.”
--Sabotage Times, 16 October, 2010

“Suppose I think of taking revenge. What is the result? What is the outcome? I do believe that to forgive gives room for changing the mentality.”
--CNN, 13 August, 2005

“There is a chance to co-exist with the Israelis. I sometimes read this in the eyes of the soldiers who come and imprison me and my family in only one room. I read in their eyes that they behave professionally, but they are not willing, they are not satisfied with what they are doing against me.” 
--BBC, 13 May, 2005

“I am still asking the Israelis to shake hands with me. I challenge them to invite me to visit their houses, and I will invite them to visit mine. But up to this moment the only answer they gave me was to shoot Yousef.” 
--The Guardian, 2 March 2004

“They will never succeed in making me hate them. We are better than that. To hate is inhuman. In spite of everything, I love them and reach out the hand of peace. We are destined to live together.  Nobody will expel anybody else. We are all children of Abraham.”
“I will never lose my optimism. There are people on both sides who want peace. The real battle is not between Israel and Palestine, but between those who want to co-exist and those who dream of expelling or killing the other side.”
“God's protection was more powerful than the hatred of the bullets, for it prevented death from taking Yousef. We are all human, and I pray I am the last father on either side who suffers, and Yousef will be the last son who gets hurt."
--The Independent, 5 March 2004