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Two views from Israel and Palestine
To better understand this complex relationship, Miller spoke with authors Yousef Bashir and Yossi Klein Halevi

Yousef Bashir on His New Memoir “The Words of My Father”
 Alicia Menendez speaks with Yousef Bashir about his new memoir, “The Words of My Father.

Wasatch Academy: Interview with Alumnus Yousef Bashir
As an alumnus of Wasatch Academy, Yousef Bashir and Head of School Joseph Loftin sit down for an interview

Ever since his childhood, Yousef Bashir has had a bullet lodged in his spine. Today, he shares his story with others in the hopes for peace between Israel and Palestine. 

Following His Father, A Palestinian Hopes For Peace
Yousef Bashir was 11 years old when Israeli soldiers took over his home in Gaza. When he was 15, he was shot by an Israeli soldier.  

I was shot by Israeli soldiers in Gaza and then saved by Israeli doctors A book goes on sale this week written by a man from Gaza who was shot by an Israeli soldier and then treated by an Israeli doctor.

Palestinian children inspect a bullet-riddled wall in Gaza City on April 16, 2008, following an Israeli military operation. MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images

Shot by Israelis, Healed by Israelis 
On the podcast: Yousef Bashir describes growing up in Gaza during the second Palestinian uprising.